Balancing Motherhood

Seasons of Life

This isn’t the season of sleeping inOf drinking hot coffeeOf quiet morningsOf staying out all nightOf having a clean houseOf going to the bathroom aloneOf going wherever I want whenever I wantOf taking long showersOf relaxing for longer than 20 minOf watching my showsOf travelingOf doing my makeup and wearing jewelryOf focusing on my career … Read more Seasons of Life

Our birth story

On June 17th, 2020 at approximately 4pm, I was working from home, bouncing on my exercise ball when I started to notice my lower back was aching on and off sporadically. I assumed it was probably just Braxton Hicks contractions since I wasn’t due until the 21st so I didn’t think much of it. We … Read more Our birth story

Who am I?

I figured the best place to start this blog would be to first share who I was before motherhood took over my life and how it has changed me. My name is Heather Murdock Spurlock. (Murdock is my maiden name.. you can see why I had to make it my middle name once I got … Read more Who am I?

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