Seasons of Life

This isn’t the season of sleeping in
Of drinking hot coffee
Of quiet mornings
Of staying out all night
Of having a clean house
Of going to the bathroom alone
Of going wherever I want whenever I want
Of taking long showers
Of relaxing for longer than 20 min
Of watching my shows
Of traveling
Of doing my makeup and wearing jewelry
Of focusing on my career

This is the season of waking up early on weekends
Of changing diapers
Of cleaning a high chair 10 times a day
Of pulling stuff out of your mouth
Of being exhausted all the time
Of crawling around on the floor
Of holding you while you cry
Of revolving my days around your naps
Of constantly being needed
Of ear infections
Of teething
Of a messy house
Of smelling your butt
Of announcing when I have to go to the bathroom
Of milestones
Of playdates
Of catching your falls
Of kissing you whenever I want
Of hearing your first words
Of seeing your first steps
Of singing to you
Of reading to you
Of being the most important person in your life and the one you love most.

And you, my love, are the reason for this season. This beautiful, exhausting, frustrating, demanding, overwhelming, exhilarating, magical, all consuming season of life that isn’t going to last forever. The season of life that everyone eventually misses and wishes they could have back. ❤️

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