Our birth story

On June 17th, 2020 at approximately 4pm, I was working from home, bouncing on my exercise ball when I started to notice my lower back was aching on and off sporadically. I assumed it was probably just Braxton Hicks contractions since I wasn’t due until the 21st so I didn’t think much of it. We took a walk around the neighborhood around 5pm and it was suddenly very difficult to get back home as my back started hurting more and more off and on. I was hopeful I was actually having real contractions but still wasn’t convinced. As we were eating dinner, the contractions quickly grew more intense and I couldn’t eat anymore so I moved to the couch. Every time one would hit me, I dropped to my knees and slammed on our table until it ended. This should have been a sign but I texted our parents telling them what was going on and said that I doubted it was the real deal though.

Since this was my first time experiencing contractions, I couldn’t be sure if they were real or not and I hated the thought of going to the hospital and being told it was a false alarm. So I started walking around the house for 2 hours while getting ready for the hospital just in case this was really going down that night. I could tell a contraction was coming every time because my entire core would suddenly get super tight so I would immediately brace myself and lay against the bed. The pain kept growing more and more intense and soon enough it became difficult to breathe through them. That’s when I knew. This is really happening.

The contractions were 7 minutes apart and then 4 minutes apart and then 7 again. They were so inconsistent so I kept second guessing when we should leave for the hospital, worried they would send us back home. I was even more scared of getting there too early and not being able to eat for god knows how long. Because this is the type of thing I worry about. Tyler had been following me around, forcing me to take bites of my now very cold dinner the entire time I was trying to get ready because he knew this was one of my fears. What a husband.

Out of nowhere the contractions were consistently 5 minutes apart so we started to rush out the door. That 25 minute car ride was the longest car ride of my life. I pushed myself out of the seat every time a contraction came and punched Tyler in the arm. I swear it was involuntary. He still reminds me of how much it hurt him when I punched him. How dare he.

We finally arrived to the hospital around 10pm. I had to get a covid test which thankfully came back negative. I was only 4cm dilated but 80% effaced so they decided to admit us. Thank god.

Once we got settled into a room, they asked if I wanted an epidural. The immense pain took away any anxiety I had over that ginormous needle so without hesitation I said, YES. It was magical. Once the epidural kicked in and the labor pains were gone then came the anxiety. Until then, the pain from the contractions kept me from being able to think about everything going on so once the pain wasn’t there anymore my mind started racing and I was uncontrollably shaking from the nerves. I didn’t sleep for one second that night. I laid in the bed shaking and staring at the monitors all night long as Tyler was passed out on the cold, stiff, plastic couch. The nurses kept coming in and turning me on my sides because E’s heart rate would jump really high every few minutes. This only amplified my anxiety as you can imagine. Around 3am, I was only 6cm dilated so I kept laying there staring at the clock while being turned over every 20 minutes for another 3 hours. Tyler continued to get his beauty rest.

Around 6am, two nurses came in to check me. One nurse told the other one, “she’s complete”. Totally confused and in denial I said, “wait..what does ‘complete’ mean!?”. The nurse replied, “it means you’re ready!”. I was in shock and said something along the lines of “Oh God”. Tyler, still half asleep, overheard this conversation somehow and immediately stood up ready to go.

My doctor wasn’t on call so I was told that another doctor was going to be delivering me which I had come to terms with. Like I had a choice. Then around 7am, my normal doctor came into my room to check on me as she just happened to be there for a meeting that morning. When she checked me she said it was time to start pushing and told the other doctor that she would just stay with me since I was already so close. What a freaking blessing!

Tyler helped the doctor through the entire process. She started ordering him around like he was her nurse and it was the coolest thing ever. He handed her everything she needed. He held my leg. He coached me on breathing through the contractions. He gave me pep talks. He was a rockstar.

Exhausted from not sleeping all night, I pushed for an hour and eventually said, “I don’t think I can do this anymore”. I felt like giving up. The pain and the exhaustion was just too much at that point and I felt like I had nothing left to give. Then the doctor asked if I wanted to feel his head. I thought I could be that person and it would be some blissful moment but instead I said, “Ew. No thanks”. However, it made me realize just how close I was to being out of pain and finally meeting him. He was already here. I just had to give it my all one last time. So I did. All the nurses and Tyler cheered me on and got me through that final push. And then it happened. At 8:09 am on June 18, 2020, our lives were completely changed forever and we finally got to meet the most perfect little human ever created. Everett Dean Spurlock.

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